Mr Robert Francu from Kananga Safaris safely delivers colloidal silver to SWCEA

We are happy to announce that Mr Robert Francu, Managing Director of Kananga Safaris, a premium safari company that has offices in Spain, Tanzania and Kenya (, did Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa a favor by receiving an order of 1kg of colloidal silver at his office in Spain and bringing it to SWCEA in Arusha.

At SWCEA, we make our ceramic water filters from all local materials except for the colloidal silver which we order from a trustworthy source in Spain in order to ensure the best quality. However, this precious component can be lost or delayed in the mail and we wanted someone from Spain to bring it to us directly to save time and the cost of mail delivery. Mr Robert Francu gladly took the responsibility of bringing the colloidal silver to us (in the white plastic bottle). Thanks to him, we can continue producing about 300 filters with it.

If you are ever in Tanzania, we would encourage you to visit this beautiful land, including the generous safari company Kananga ( or others.