SWCEA has a new look!

We are glad to let you know that SWCEA has a new look! Over the years, our factory and shop esthetic was quite basic but as we are coming into a new phase in this second part of the year 2012, we decided to invest a bit in our looks.

Our factory, and shop have now accommodated a small office beside it to be occupied by the General Manager.

We are also more visible from the street by potential clients and visitors due to a newly painted roof in blue, where our initials SWCEA have been painted in big white letters.

Please visit our contact page, under Directions from Arusha to see a picture of our newly painted roof and factory facade.

You are welcome to visit our factory at any time by first getting an appointment via email at: info@swcea.org or by calling +255758937683.

KARIBUNI WOTE (Welcome all in swahili)